Beautiful moments

expertly captured

Matt began his creative practice in ceramics, but after travelling across the world to Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia quickly discovered that his true passion lay in photography. The photographs that documented his travels encouraged him to make a career out of this passion, and after a lot more travelling, practice and a BA (Hons) in Photography he has reached where he is today.

Matt has attended over one hundred weddings as a professional photographer, and has brought his considerable expertise to each one. From London to the Midlands, and even to ceremonies in Nigeria, France and Greece, he has gained a flexible approach and understanding of the unique aspects of individual weddings. He is able to put this to excellent use in his photography.\r\n\r\nHis work has been published in various industry magazines including F2 Freelance Photographer as well as numerous wedding magazines.



The photographs of a wedding are the main catalyst for remembering memories of the day, and Matt has a knack for taking shots that accurately capture the feel and emotion of the event for later recollection. A creative approach to taking every kind of wedding photograph, from the bride and groom portraits through to pictures of the ceremony and reception means that not only will the wedding be memorable, but the pictures will be unique.\r\nMatt’s work as a wedding photographer has preserved the happy memories of many different couples, and with his professional, creative practice he will only improve this in the future.\r\n

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