Colored Wigs: The Ultimate Solution to Alter the Shade of Your Hair Real Quick

Colored Wigs: The Ultimate Solution to Alter the Shade of Your Hair Real Quick

Are you willing to grow your hair 8-12 inches by tomorrow morning? The solution is simple: get yourself a long hair wig. But what if you want to change the color of your hair temporarily? In that case, you should look into something called colored wigs. Does it sound strange? Nothing to worry about; once you've finished reading this article, you'll know everything there is to know about colored wigs.

What are Colored Wigs?

Not hard to guess colored wigs are nothing but wigs that are available in different shades. Wigs, as we all know, are typically chosen by people who want to conceal their baldness or any existing hair loss issue. Colored wigs on the flip end are more of a fashionable option for anyone seeking a way to get their hair color altered in no time. Without a doubt, the colored alternatives can function similarly to the standard ones. However, the build is such that the entire purpose revolves more around changing the overall appearance rather than covering the baldness.

The Art of Picking the Most Appropriate Colored Wig

Changing the color of one's hair isn't a difficult task anymore, thanks to the availability of colored wigs. What's difficult is choosing the best option. Admit it! When you want to change up your hairstyle, you usually don't know where to begin. That is exactly what we will address in the coming moments.

Put Your Skin Color Under Consideration

If you haven't already guessed, selecting the perfect colored wig is an art that begins with the individual's skin color. Yes, you read that correctly. The first thing you should do is consider your skin tone. Remember that starting with the wrong color combination can result in a washed-out appearance. People with warm-toned skin, for example, must choose a cool-toned color so that the entire ensemble complements each other. Similarly, pale blonde looks great on pale, warm-skinned people.

Quick Tip:  In case you're someone with medium to dark warm toned skin, it is best to choose a hair color that is three to four shades lighter or darker.

Try and Match The Color of the Wig With Your Eye Color

While people often tend to ignore it, overlooking eye color is never a good idea, at least when you're willing to make your appearance stand out. It might be tricky at times, but you must pick a color that appealingly contrasts your eyes. A few suggestions are as follows:

  • Warm eyes: Golden Brown, Green-Blue, Turquoise, Yellow-Green, Hazel with Gold
  • Cool eyes:  Deep Brown, Gray-Blue, Icy blue, Black-Brown, Dark blue, and more.

However, if any of the colors mentioned clash with your skin tone, try something else. Keep in mind that the whole task is setting an overall cohesive look that doesn't seem too washed out.

Emphasizing on Quality

Once you're done picking the perfect shade, the last thing to consider is quality. If you're an inhabitant of a sunny climatic region, ensure you choose the ones that don't fade away.

That's enough information about colored wigs. We hope you won't find yourself at bay while picking the perfect shade that presents you in the most elegant form.