Everything You Should Know About Skunk Stripe Wig

Everything You Should Know About Skunk Stripe Wig

Wigs have become a very important fashion accessory in today’s age and time. People use wigs for a variety of purposes – for example hiding bald spots, changing hair style suddenly, for movies and drama performances and many others. Skunk stripe wigs are a special type of wigs, where a stripe of platinum blonde is introduced in normally black hair. This looks just like a skunk, and is hence called so. The skunk stripe wig can also use a combination of other colors.

One of the best places to get your wig is Lollyhair, which uses natural human hair for their wigs. Further, the wide range of wigs and their affordable price tags make them a popular choice for many. Read about the various materials used in a skunk stripe wig and the various situations where you can use them before deciding on a wig for yourself.

Materials Used In Skunk Stripe Wig

There can be two kinds of skunk stripe wigs, depending on the material they are made from. Read on to know more about the materials used for making wigs.

Human Hair

Wigs made from human hair is usually of the premium quality and has a natural look. They feel quite comfortable and natural to use. These kinds of wigs need to be maintained properly to avoid damage and give them a long life. All wigs at Lollyhair are made from human hair and has a natural and elegant finish.

Synthetic Material

Many companies make wigs from synthetic hair-like material. These are usually cheaper and meant for one-time or sparse use. They are easy to maintain and if not properly styled, may give a cheap and unsatisfactory look.

Who Should Buy Skunk Stripe Wigs?

Read on to know if skunk stripe wigs are the best choice for you.

Women Especially Black Women

Skunk stripe wigs have such a color tone that they suit the dark skin tone the best. Others may try it out too, but it might not look great. How a wig looks on a person depends a lot on their face shape and skin tone among other minor factors. As such, you should always consult with your hair stylist before deciding on a wig for yourself.


If you are an avid anime lover, you mist have noticed that most characters have a non-standard hair color and hair style. Skunk stripe wigs may be the nearest alternative to such hair colors and hair styles. So, cosplayers of often choose to wear skunk stripe wigs when they are dressing up as their favorite characters.

Buy From Lollyhair

You may find several sellers and suppliers of wigs around you, but it might not always be of great quality, or might be too pricey. Lollyhair has the best collection of human hair wigs, and they come at an affordable price. If you are looking for good quality human hair wigs at an affordable price, there is no better place than Lollyhair!


The skunk stripe wig is quite a trendy and well-liked among the youth. The best part about the skunk stripe wig is that it can be made using several color combinations, so anyone can choose one that suits their skin tone and facial structure. The skunk stripe wigs at Lollyhair are one of a kind, and it is surely worth a try!