How to Fill the UWELL Caliburn G Pod System

How to Fill the UWELL Caliburn G Pod System

Have you been in a situation when your pod system e-liquid finishes up when you are unaware? Do not panic because we have a solution for you. When your Caliburn G is almost out of the e-liquid, know it is time to fill it. Some people tend to vape when the pod is dry; you should avoid doing that. Removing the pod and checking is one way to determine if your caliburn g pod system needs filling. You can also look at the device’s side to decide whether or not it is time to fill. Here is the ultimate guide on filling your UWELL Caliburn G pod system.

The ultimate guide to filling the UWELL Caliburn G pod system

If you have not used a pod system before, you are probably worried about how to do it. Thanks to the pod system manual, you can now get all the necessary information, including the filling-up process. We will simplify the process and make everything easy and straightforward, even during your first trial. When the device’s e-liquid is at the MIN line, it is time to fill it. One general rule you should remember is always refill the pod when it is half empty. Below are simple steps on how you can accomplish it.

Install the coil to the Caliburn G pod system

The first step involves installing a new coil. Make sure to be very gentle as you carry out these tasks. When installing the coil, there are a few precautions that you should consider. First, ensure the coil and the pod’s locating slot align. Also, handle the process with extreme care to ensure efficiency. Next, you must install the pod back into the device’s body.

Disassemble the drip tip

The next step involves removing the drip tip. Removing the drip tip ensures that you have easy access to refill the e-liquid. Like the coil, make sure you are very gently and very focused. The better you handle the device when filling the pod, the higher the chance of an excellent outcome.

Fill the e-liquid

You will notice that your pod has filling holes close to the center pod air tube. Place your e-liquid bottle’s nozzle over the filling hole. Then proceed to add the e-liquid till your device is almost full. Make sure that the e-liquid does not get into the center hole. Also, ensure you do not overfill, leaving room for the air at the pod’s top. If you overfill, it may leak.

Re-install the drip tip

Once you fill the e-liquid to the necessary level, install the drip tip. Ensure that you secure it firmly in place to limit the chances of the e-liquid leaking. After completing every process, let the device rest before you use it.


It is normal for the UWELL Caliburn G pod system  e-liquid to run out. It is because you use the liquid to vape. When you are almost running out of liquid, it is time to make a refill. Ensure you are very gentle and follow the above process for efficient refilling.