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Tips For Pressure Washer Pump Maintenance

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Maintaining a pressure washer is a more complex process than it seems. This is because the maintenance involves separate tips for various components. This implies that the tips do not work across all components. For instance, the steps for maintaining the hoses are not the same as those for the pump or nozzles. Therefore, this write-up focuses on the tips for pump maintenance.

Tips for pump maintenance

Below are some essential tips that will help with effective pressure pump maintenance;

1. Lubricating the pump

A significant pressure washer pump tip is lubrication. The role of lubrication is to ensure that the pump does not get damaged, especially in winter or when you want to store it away. Below are steps for lubricating pressure washer pumps;

  • Turn off the engine and the pressure washer’s water supply to ensure your safety when lubricating the pump
  • Let out the remaining pressure in the machine by squeezing its trigger gun
  • Disconnect the hoses and drain the pump
  • Get a pump saver composed of a lubricant or an anti-freezing solution and connect it to a garden hose
  • Squeeze the lubricant into the pump
  • Complete the process by filling the pump with the required engine oil or changing the oil.

2. Draining the pump

Other than lubrication, another tip for pump maintenance is draining. This is especially important when storing the pressure washer in winter. When you leave fluids in the pump as you store them, they are prone to freezing. Naturally, when they freeze, they also have to thaw. The thawing and freezing processes cause contraction and expansion, respectively. Unfortunately, these processes cause the pump to get damaged, and sometimes, the damages are beyond repair. Therefore, you will have to spend more money on replacement. You can keep this from happening by not leaving any cleaning solutions and water in the pump. However, some liquids are likely to remain in the component when you drain the pump. You can eliminate the fluid by blowing up the pump and the connected hose lines.

3. Using antifreeze

You can also conduct pump maintenance by rinsing the component with antifreeze. This chemical will help protect the pump from the adverse effects of freezing.

4. Cleaning

Cleaning the pump can also help maintain it. The process of cleaning pressure washer pumps is quite straightforward. All you need to do is;

  • Turn off the machine
  • Use a mechanical screwdriver to take out the pump
  • Clean it by wiping it with a required solution then rinsing it with alcohol or kerosene
  • Inspect it for any damages, then put it back in place

When cleaning the pump, do not forget about its filters. Clean filters will help significantly with pressure washer pump maintenance. It will eliminate any particles that can build up and cause obstructions.

Final Words

It is worth mentioning that the pump maintenance tips may differ depending on the type of machine. Likewise, the tips may also differ based on the type of motor or pump. Regardless, the steps above are standard for all pressure washer pumps.

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