What is the Recommended Thickness for a Mattress?

What is the Recommended Thickness for a Mattress?

Mattresses, like many other products, are often sold in different sizes and thicknesses. This may lead to questions about what thickness is best for your body type and sleeping style.

Recommended Thickness?

A good rule of thumb is that if you're buying a mattress from a store, it should be at least 6 inches thick. That's because most people will feel more comfortable on a 6-inch-thick mattress than they will on a thinner one. Also, some people prefer to sleep on thicker mattresses because they feel like they get more support from them. You however, can’t compare a 10 inch vs 12 inch mattress.

The thicker the mattress, the more expensive it tends to be, which is another reason why many people stick with 6-inch pads instead of going any thinner than that. So, the recommended thickness for a mattress is about 12 inches for a twin-size bed and 13 inches for a full-size bed.

If you buy a mattress that is too thin, it may not support your body properly. If the mattress is too thick, it may be difficult to fit in the sheets or cover properly.

  • Twin Mattresses: Twin-sized mattresses are often less than 12 inches thick. They are typically used on beds with shorter frames, such as bunk beds and daybeds. They can also be used on queen-sized beds if you have limited space in your bedroom or want to use less material when making the bed every morning.
  • Full Mattresses: Full-sized mattresses are usually between 12 and 14 inches thick and are often used on full-sized beds with tall frames. Full mattresses are standard sizes that will fit in all standard-sized beds and frames without any problems.
  • Queen Mattresses: Queen mattresses range from 14 to 16 inches thick and are designed to fit perfectly in most queen-sized beds without leaving too much room at the sides of the bed or causing discomfort when sleeping on either side of it (as long as there is no other object obstructing your sleep).

Differences between Regular and Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a new type of mattress, and they both have a coil spring and foam core. The foam core is made of memory foam, which is also known as viscoelastic polyurethane. It is usually 2 inches thick, but some hybrid mattresses have more than 2 inches of foam.

The coil spring layer of the hybrid mattress is usually 7 to 10 inches thick, and it consists of steel coils made from either stainless steel or chrome plated steel. These coils are designed to provide support for your body while you sleep, and they will conform to your body shape over time

The main difference between regular and hybrid mattresses is that regular ones do not have any type of memory foam in them at all. In fact, most people think that regular mattresses are made entirely out of springs because they are so hard when they first arrive at your home.

The most obvious difference between a regular mattress and a hybrid mattress is the thickness. A hybrid mattress is much thicker than a regular mattress, but it's not as thick as you might think. It's only about an inch thick more than the average mattress.

Another difference between hybrids and regular mattresses is the materials they're made from. Hybrids are made from memory foam, latex foam and other types of foam that are more expensive than traditional materials like cotton or polyester blends. Some hybrids also have coils in them, which means they're more like traditional mattresses than other hybrids on the market.


The ideal mattress thickness varies by mattress type, personal preference, and other factors. Still, when you're shopping for a new mattress, it can be helpful to know what thickness options are available and which of those options are best suited to your needs. Both the hybrid and the regular mattresses are available at avenco home resources store. Visit the site today and chose your most preferred type.